Newsletter 22
Autumn 2008
Updated on 11N2008
Published by the Hawker Association
for the Members.
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RAF Club Camm Memorial
It has been pointed out to the Editor that, in the last Newsletter, No.21, it was implied that the Association was responsible for fully funding the Camm bronze bust. This is not the case; the Association funded the budget over-run of the bust and fully funded the framed information panel. It should also be pointed out that sculptor Ambrose Barber charged only his costs for the bronze, saving the RAF Club several thousand pounds.
Eggheads News

The Kingston Aviation Heritage Project 'Eggheads' team has been invited to participate in Series 10 of the quiz starting in the New Year. Sadly, David Cooper, the standby member, died from a stroke in June and two others have had to withdraw. So, three volunteers are needed to join John Gough, Trevor Jordan and Les Palmer, two to take part and one standby. The standby would have to be present at the filming, an interesting experience, but would only actually take part in the unlikely event of a team member being unable to perform due, for example, to an attack of nerves, fainting or an incapacitating accident or illness! Travelling expenses are paid.
    Subjects covered are: entertainment, arts and books, sport, politics, history, geography, food and drink, science, and music. Reasonable knowledge in only two or three of these would be needed. We plan a few rehearsals to polish our presentation skills. The current series can be seen on weekdays at 6.00 pm on BBC 2. Also, see NL.20, Spring 2008.
    Please do volunteer and so save this initiative to gain publicity, and even funds, for the Kingston Aviation Heritage Project; 'phone Trevor Jordan on 020 8994 2018.