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Newsletter 4
Autumn 2003

Updated on 24Oct2003

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An interesting new book has been published this Summer entitled 'RAF Hunters in Germany - Front Line Defenders in the Cold War' by Gunther Kipp and Roger Lindsay, a well illustrated (many in colour), 71 page glossy softback telling the story of the aircraft's time in Germany from the first F4 at Jever in April 1955 through the F6, T7 and FR10 to the withdrawal of the last T7A in 1984. All the 2TAF Hunter squadrons are covered with dertails of aircraft, bases, markings, serials etc and stories of their exploits, with an 'At the Sharp End' section giving the recollections of some of the pilots who flew the Hunter operationally from German airfields.

The book is published by the authors and is available directly from Roger Lindsay, 7 North Meadow, Hutton Rudby, North Yorkshire TS15 0LD for 15.00 plus 1.50 p&p. Cheques payable to Roger Lindsay.


So far there are two books in this series by Tony Buttler, the recently published 'Jet Bombers Since 1949' and its predecessor 'Jet Fighters Since 1950'. There is much of interest to Hawker people in both volumes which are concerned mainly with the large number of unbuilt projects from that period. All the significant Kingston fighter and bomber (or strike/ground attack fighters as we might think of them) projects will be found in these volumes.

The author has carried out deep research at the Public Records Office, in industry archives, at museums and by interviews, unearthing facts never before published. He not only covers the actual aircraft projects in considerable technical detail but also informs the reader about the origins and contents of the Ministry Specifications and Operational Requirements behind the projects and records the political, technical and industrial decisions leading to their success or failure. He even finds room to record the Government and industry personalities involved.

The two books, profusely illustrated with company project g.a.drawings, photographs of aircraft and models and specially commissioned artist's impressions of what might have been, are a gold mine of information for aviation enthusiast and historian alike. The books have informative appendices and excellent indexes, a vital part of any good reference book. There is much colour work.

The books are available from good book shops or direct from the publishers, Midland Counties Publications (Tel 01455 233 747, e-mail .)

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