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The Fastest Hunter ?
 Ken Batstone pointed out to the Editor an article in the October 2004 issue of  'Flypast' about a rather special privately owned Hunter. It is an ex-Singapore two seat TMk75A (previously FMk4 WV386) owned by a Steve Appleton of Boise, Idaho. Painted glossy black it is now registered N81827. He also owns a red painted RAF TMk7 and the Peruvian TMk62 (previously 681 and FMk4 WT706).

After a 6 1/2 year, 40,000 man-hour rebuild, N81827 is fitted with a modern 'glass cockpit' and an 11,250 lb thrust Avon 208 from a Sea Vixen FAWMk2 in place of the 10,150 lb thrust Avon 207. The 208 has cooled turbine blades. Also the Avpin starter was replaced with an electric starter, the gun ports were faired over, the 'Sabrinas' were removed and smoke generation equipment was fitted at the wing tips and the jet pipe.
Flight tests to date have revealed outstanding clean aircraft performance: time to 35,000 ft in 4 mins 35 secs at which altitude 0.96 IMN was seen. At 11,000 ft straight and level 0.96 IMN was also seen whilst still accelerating on throttling back. FAA requirements have been satisfied and N81827 is certified. .