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Autumn 2005

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Sea Harrier Book Review

Timed to coincide with the disbandment of the 'Shar' squadrons, "Sea Harrier - the Last all-British Fighter" by Jamie Hunter has just been published by Midland at £17.99.

This impressive all-colour book tells with commendable accuracy the story of the Sea Harrier, with particular emphasis on its operational life. It is very well illustrated with pin-sharp photographs from many sources, including the author himself, a skilled air-to-air photographer.

Amongst the useful appendices is a listing of all the aircraft with a potted history of each, and a list of all 68 Royal Navy Sea Harrier Training Courses and the pilots on them.

Highly recommended.
Association Tie

Orders have been placed for smart red and blue ties with the Association logo in gold. Availability and prices will be announced as soon as possible!

 Christmas Lunch

Following the successes of the last two years Percy Collino has arranged another lunch for this year at the Hawker Centre and negotiated the low £15 price.

Book and pay for your tickets at the next meeting or 'phone Percy on 020 8337 8143 then send him a cheque payable to The Hawker Association.

Seating is limited so again it will have to be a 'no partners' event.